Integrated Mediation in 2 Minutes

Advertising and dissemination is always a topic for mediators and therefore also for mediator’s associations. Spreading mediation is not just a matter of a mediator’s self-interest. Integrated mediation in particular defines its vision as a contribution to promoting a culture of peace. So there is also an interest in society [...]

Mediation networks – results and impressions

On May 2nd, 2020, 53 participants met for the first online conference of integrated mediation on the Internet. The screenshot shows the entrance to the conference. From the point of view of the organizer, the association of integrated mediation, the attempt to meet online in a larger context was a [...]


Integrated mediation Argentina The integrated mediation caught the eye of Alejandro Morris. He is an experienced mediator from Argentina and was interested in further training. He immediately liked the idea of ​​integrated mediation. He was impressed by the competence and the concept. So he got in touch and it became more. Contacting was very [...]

Kongress 2019 – Manifest

M a n i f e s t of the International Mediation Congress Mediation on standby on 3./4. May 2019 in Frankfurt am Main The public congress organized by Integrated Mediation e. V., to which approx. 100 participants from Germany and 10 other countries came together, agreed on 7 basic [...]

International Mediation Congress

Mediation is ready for take off. What’s about You? International Mediation Congress What’s about the development and use of mediation? Is it going well or not? This question is frequently asked after some researches and the evaluation of the mediation law in Germany. We will present surprising answers and proposals [...]

Mediation Report 2019

Wiki to Yes Report on Mediation 2019 Wiki to Yes is a mediation metaportal (a portal for mediation portals) that captures and links everything related to mediation. The Wiki to Yes report on mediation is the logical consequence of an overview coming out of that. On 1st of March in [...]

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Integrated mediation Greece

Integrated mediation Greece A sensational first appearance of Integrated Mediation Greece presents itself at a lawyer’s conference in Larissa (Central Greece). Theoharis Angelidis, lawyer, mediator and representative of Integrated Mediation Greece has been persuasive. The Bar Association has become curious and has put integrated mediation on the agenda. […]

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