Nur-Sultan and mediation

A travelogue The title “Nur-Sultan and Mediation” indicates the topic of my mission in Kazakhstan. It has left cruicial impressions that are worth reporting on. When a mediator is on the mediation side, the focus is on phenomena that are often hidden from the normal tourist. My assignment was to hold a mediation seminar for [...]

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Kongress 2019 – Manifest

M a n i f e s t of the International Mediation Congress Mediation on standby on 3./4. May 2019 in Frankfurt am Main The public congress organized by Integrated Mediation e. V., to which approx. 100 participants from Germany and 10 other countries came together, agreed on 7 basic [...]

International Mediation Congress

Mediation is ready for take off. What’s about You? International Mediation Congress What’s about the development and use of mediation? Is it going well or not? This question is frequently asked after some researches and the evaluation of the mediation law in Germany. We will present surprising answers and proposals [...]

Integrated mediation Greece

Integrated mediation Greece A sensational first appearance of Integrated Mediation Greece presents itself at a lawyer’s conference in Larissa (Central Greece). Theoharis Angelidis, lawyer, mediator and representative of Integrated Mediation Greece has been persuasive. The Bar Association has become curious and has put integrated mediation on the agenda. […]

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How to negotiate with terrorists from other cultures

Especially in reference to recent developments around Syria and the Middle East, we are bombarded with questions about the international events and caveats in negotiations with intercultural context. The following interview published by the magazine Kriminalpolizei (Criminal Investigation Department – CID) provides some answers on this complex issue: CID: What is the difference between negotiations in business [...]

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CBM and International Mediation

CBM vs. international vs. intercultural Mediation The term CBM (cross-border mediation) has been established with the 2008 EU Mediation Directive (2008/52/EC). CBM mediators should be aware of the fact that the term is limiting the scope of using CBM, because it does not cover all international cases. CBM needs to be distinguished from the international [...]

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Transformative Mediation Conference 2014

This is to announce the Second International Congress on Transformative Mediation which will be held in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, from 13th to 14th of June, 2014. The aim of the Congress is to support the development of transformative mediation in Europe as well as connecting transformative mediators and supporting them to exchange ideas [...]

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