Frohe Weihnachten

Wir wünschen allen Mitgliedern und Freunden der integrierten Mediation ein frohes Weihnachtsfest und ein gutes, gesundes Jahr 2021. Wie immer möchten wir Ihnen und vielleicht auch der Mediation ein ganz besonderes Weihnachtsgeschenk machen. Es ist die neue Geschichte von Medi&Ator. Diesmal geht es um den Streit zwischen Frau Weihnacht und Herrn Virus in einer [...]

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Integrated Mediation in 2 Minutes

Advertising and dissemination is always a topic for mediators and therefore also for mediator’s associations. Spreading mediation is not just a matter of a mediator’s self-interest. Integrated mediation in particular defines its vision as a contribution to promoting a culture of peace. So there is also an interest in society [...]

Cognitive Mediation Theory

Transcript of Arthur Trossen’s lecture on the introduction of cognitive mediation theory at the conference on integrated mediation “Mediation in everyday life” in Frankfurt on October 3, 2020. My presentation will be reflecting the mechanism behind the mediation. I will try to develop why what happens in mediation and how mediation [...]

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Mediation networks – results and impressions

On May 2nd, 2020, 53 participants met for the first online conference of integrated mediation on the Internet. The screenshot shows the entrance to the conference. From the point of view of the organizer, the association of integrated mediation, the attempt to meet online in a larger context was a [...]


Integrated mediation Argentina The integrated mediation caught the eye of Alejandro Morris. He is an experienced mediator from Argentina and was interested in further training. He immediately liked the idea of ​​integrated mediation. He was impressed by the competence and the concept. So he got in touch and it became more. Contacting was very [...]

Tallin – Summer School 2020

The long-awaited wish comes true. We start the summer school program first time 2020 in Estonia. Precisely it will happen from 21st of May by 24th of May in 2020. The location will be in the old town of Tallin. Enjoy a 4-day intensive training by Arthur Trossen accompanied and [...]

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Nur-Sultan and mediation

A travelogue The title “Nur-Sultan and Mediation” indicates the topic of my mission in Kazakhstan. It has left cruicial impressions that are worth reporting on. When a mediator is on the mediation side, the focus is on phenomena that are often hidden from the normal tourist. My assignment was to hold a mediation seminar for [...]

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Kongress 2019 – Manifest

M a n i f e s t of the International Mediation Congress Mediation on standby on 3./4. May 2019 in Frankfurt am Main The public congress organized by Integrated Mediation e. V., to which approx. 100 participants from Germany and 10 other countries came together, agreed on 7 basic [...]