Mediation is ready for take off. What’s about You?

International Mediation Congress

What’s about the development and use of mediation? Is it going well or not? This question is frequently asked after some researches and the evaluation of the mediation law in Germany. We will present surprising answers and proposals regarding th eimplementation of mediation.

The so called Mediation Report 2019 summarizes the results of all known evaluations and researches on mediation. It’s an overview where some crucial parameters have been added to correctly assess the development of mediation. The result: Only the view of the whole allows a sustainable forecast!

Integration means establishing the whole. This view traditionally is the view of Integrated Mediation. What if mediation is the whole and all decision-making processes are just a part of it? A BREXIT would not have happened then and other problems would not arise in the first place. Would not that be an approach that could improve not just society but also the implementation of mediation?

The motto of the conference already gives a foretaste of its content. It is about recognizing the achievements and hidden options of further development of mediation. When the situation is assessed correctly, the right decisions are made. To anticipate the idea:

Yes, mediation is ready. It also would develop well if …
The Congress deals with concrete proposals to promote mediation the best way.

Here you will find further material and detailed information about the congress. Stay up to date!

Congress up to date
Congress up to date

VIPs and Early Birds

Let’s meet for dinner and social evening on Thursday May 2nd, from 7 pm. This event is for meeting friends, early arrivals and speakers in front of the conference.

Congress schedule

  • Early evening event: 2 May 2019, from 19 o’clock
  • Congress: Congress admission, registration of participants and handing over of the conference documents is on May 3, 2019 between 9 and 10 o’clock with a welcome coffee. The official start of the congress is on 3 May 2019 at 10 o’clock. The congress ends on 4 May 2019 at 16 o’clock. Coffee breaks are (because World-Coffee integrated) lunch breaks 12:30 – 14 clock.     
  • Evening event: 3rd May at 7pm     
  • Assembly: May 3 from 6 pm

Congress Agenda

All the Conferences of Integrated Mediation Association are planned like a method training, which is suitable as a template for large mediations. This year, the conference will be held as a customized World Coffee, as if the whole conference was a huge, smart coffee break. The exchange of information is in the foreground. World Coffee will be open on 3 May 2019 at 14:00 and ends at 15:30 the following day.

Please note that the agenda can be supplemented until the congress. It will be coordinated with the participants on site!

Before the World-Coffee begins, opening lectures and keynote speeches will introduce the subject and the problem.

  • Dr. Peter Doetsch, Integrated Mediation e.V.
    The whole thing in view
    Short welcome by the introduction with introduction to the topic
  • Short clip: How the problem becomes part of the solution
    Transfer to the conference topic and the lecture by Prof. Dr. Mironi
  • Prof. Dr. Mordehai Mironi
    The decline of Mediation
    Experiences with the development of mediation in Israel. Prof. Mironi will show up traps and risks when implementiomg mediation. The last phase of the development in Israel he described as the decline of mediation. Are we in Germany on the same way?
  • Arthur Trossen
    Inventory of mediation in Germany
    The Mediation Report 2019 is presented as a holistic overview of the development of mediation. Consequences for questions how to implement mediation are derived from it.

The other contributions deal with the theme of the congress. When mediation is ready, it wonders, “Where and how does mediation show off and how can you get the most out of it?”. To find answers, the following topics are offered:

Round 1: Right

  • Werner Schieferstein (Cooperative practice as a model)
  • Prof. Dr. Frank Dietrich (Interfaces and dead ends – Efficient dispute resolution versus one-sided dispute “culture”, Comprehensive advice by lawyers in mediation or: Judges are only the second best solution, but maybe cheaper? Rethinking of parties and trial lawyers: hurdles in the privatization of dispute resolution)

Round 2: Economy

  • Achim Gilfert (Mediatively supported change processes in companies)
  • Task Force (Report on the plans and activities for a convincing mediation offer)

Round 3: Health

  • Monika Zielinski-Bülte (How does the mediator recognize whether the party – mental, physical or addicted – is ill?)
  • Katharina Reinhold: (Mediation for and with disabled people)
  • Verena Küpperbusch: (Mediation with addicted people)

Round 4: Insurances

  • Roland Zarges (Personal injury and the influence of insurance)

Round 5: International

  • Saholy Nanahary-Robertson: Introduction (Overview international activities of Integrated Mediation)
    and: Mediation in Madagaskar
  • Prof. dr. Tsisana Shamlikashvili: An overview abozt mediation development in Russia, Understanding and attitude towards modern mediation and its influence on contemporary societies.
  • Theoharis Angelidis: Greece, experience with compulsory mediation
  • Badre Bounouar: Morocco, experience with mediation in Morocco
  • Further testimonials from our members from abroad

Round 6: Media

  • Anna Klatt: Social Media: Mediation in social media and why we can not get past it

Round 7: School

  • Dr. Marita Katharina Wambach-Schulz: School mediation on violence prevention at special schools

Round 8: Politics

  • Video lecture / presentation / action
    What, if Parliament was a mediation …
    An example of application for integrated mediation. Demonstration of the efficiency (or non-efficiency) of a political debate translated mediatively. What truth remains if politicians could loop in their debates?


  • What to donext?
    According to a handout and the results of discusssions alongisde the conference there will be concrete proposals for implementing mediation and advisory what everybody can do for it (not only in Germany).

Evening event

On the evening of 3rd of May, dinner will be served from 19:30 with international guests. A separate registration is required. The cost of the evening event is borne by each participant.


German, it is consecutively translated into English

General Assembly

The General Assembly of the Association of Integrated Mediation will take place on Friday between 18:00 and 19:30. This is a separate invitation.

Costs and application

Joining the conference will be for free. Nevertheless registration is still required. Please send the registration informalle via e-Mail to  or call ++49(0)2681 986257. You will speak to Monika Trossen, who is head of office.

During the conference snacks and dips as well as refreshments will be provided also for free. The participants therefore only have to pay for the costs of the journey, the accommodation, the additional meals and the evening events as far as they will participate. A separtated registration for the evening events therefore is needed.

Venue and accommodation

The event will take place from 3 to 4 May 2019 in the Spenerhaus in Frankfurt.

Hotel and convention center at the Dominican monastery
Dominikanergasse 5
60311 Frankfurt on the Main
Telephone 0049-69-21651410

Hotel recommendations: Look here please

Here you will find the aganda as a pdf file for download. Please forward it to whom it might concern

PDF file
PDF file