Feedback on the conference

In summary, the feedback is:
A unique, outstanding event!

Most of the feedback was orally, during and after the conference. They were exclusively positive and full of praise. Almost every participant did not miss the opportunity to personally thank the organizers. Their praise was referring to everything: to the organization, which was described as a highly professional management, on the content, the way of the talks, the worth of information, the selection of subjects and the range of topics, the quality of the speakers, their practical experience, the facilities and food, the opportunities for exchange, the international view and the very good atmosphere. The attitude of the Association for Integrated Mediation, whose members made it possible to offer the event for everyone free of charge, was also described as prominent.

The spirit of mediation was indeed palpable and always present.

This does not seem to be self-evident for a mediator event, as reported by individuals. Looking back on integrated mediation, all events are traditionally characterized by great harmony, even if there are different opinions. Admittedly, the congress in Frankfurt was also outstanding from the point of view of the board of integrated mediation.

The international orientation was highlighted as remarkable. The foreign participants who mostly themselves are members of the association reported from the experience of mediation and mediation policy in their home countries, from Estonia, Lithuania, Austria, Israel, Greece, Madagascar, Bulgaria and Russia. Many were able to supplement the picture with experiences in other countries. Some participants were also fascinated by the insights into the association’s work.

The mix of interesting topics allowed everybody to feel involved very much. The meaningful connection of different levels with structure and feeling was admirable and amazingly unique, people reported. Some also were impressed by the large number of participants. That seems not to be self-evident, as they said.

Yes, integrated mediation can move. That is how we understand each other!

Two days are still too short to discuss all the issues raised. But that cannot be the purpose of such an event. It can only set a mark, provide feedback to members and participants to tune the next milestone on the way to implementing the mediation. There we meet the theme of the conference. Its goal has been reached. There was an overwhelming majority for the theses to be drafted and proposals for implementing the mediation.

Both the results and the ideas gained are not only to be processed by the participants. This is also the focus of the organizers. The congress will not end when peolpe left the conference hall. We can see it a beginning. Therefore, there will be more opportunities for rework, not just at the board level.

Participants will still have permanent access to a Dropbox folder, which will be available as a cloud for the content. More contributions will be uploaded still. Participants also will find there the results of the discussion rounds for example. There will also be a Round Table on 15th and 29th of May 2019, (see: Wiki to Yes Roundtable), as online meetings following the conference, where the supporting conference theme will be revisited. Quite apart from this, the newly formed board has taken up ideas and suggestions that will be decisive for future work.

In the aftermath it can be said that everyone benefited from the event: the participants, the members, the organizers and, above all, the mediation. That’s why we like to give thanks and compliments back to the participants. We look forward to the next International Congress of Integrated Mediation.