Integrated Mediation in 2 Minutes

Advertising and dissemination is always a topic for mediators and therefore also for mediator’s associations. Spreading mediation is not just a matter of a mediator’s self-interest. Integrated mediation in particular defines its vision as a contribution to promoting a culture of peace. So there is also an interest in society [...]


Integrated mediation Argentina The integrated mediation caught the eye of Alejandro Morris. He is an experienced mediator from Argentina and was interested in further training. He immediately liked the idea of ​​integrated mediation. He was impressed by the competence and the concept. So he got in touch and it became more. Contacting was very [...]

The melody of mediation

Mediation generates its own rhythms. Behind rhythms we will find a cognition flow. The cognition flow is the melody played by mediation. The mediator is the conductor of the orchestra, where parties, not the conductor, are playing the instruments. Parties have to go through melody in order to reach an amicable settlement. […]

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