Thanks to our international consolidation we are ready to offer some seminars abroad valid also for people from Germany or other countries where Integrated Mediation is situated. This way we more and more get closer to our goal to distribute the idea of Integrated Mediation as to be a perfect way of mediation over the borders. 

Interest is high. The offers therefore are reacting on demands from abroad. All the seminars do have the same kernel. Its about Integrated Mediation. The seminars will be offered via our locations in:

  1. Alexandropolis (Griechenland), 30.3. bis 1.4. 2018,
    “Mediation from handcraft to art”
  2. Tallin (Estland) 19.5.2018
    “Mediation done precisely”
  3. Bishkek (Kirgyzstan) 3.-5.8.2018
    “Mediation from handcraft to art”

Please check the hints and offers, if you are interested. Of course those seminars will be accepted as further education in Mediation or as a module for becoming a 3-star-mediator. Not talking about tax privileges and low-cost prices. Please contact the offerer directly or send an e-mail to .