Advertising and dissemination is always a topic for mediators and therefore also for mediator’s associations. Spreading mediation is not just a matter of a mediator’s self-interest. Integrated mediation in particular defines its vision as a contribution to promoting a culture of peace. So there is also an interest in society as a whole in its spread. But what can and must be done so that mediation is not only perceived, but also used?

This question also arose at the annual conference “Mediation in everyday life”. In an attempt to utilize the findings presented there and at the request of some members abroad, I created a promotional video that you can find on the integrated mediation YouTube channel.

The video can also be viewed here:

Background and purpose

Mediation requires explanation. And it is a general, often misunderstood term that says little about the performance features and hardly allows a comparison with other services and offers. We know that a single mediator is hardly able to carry out the educational work. This is where the association’s help is needed.

Integrated mediation pursues a strategy to introduce mediation and integrated mediation. The trademark registration was the first step. Making the video is the second. More will follow.

Even the video can only sketch and not really explain what exactly it is about. But a few key words that arouse curiosity and suggest the unique selling point of mediation among the conflict resolution procedures and, moreover, the unique selling point of integrated mediation among the mediation offers. And nothing more is necessary. The consumer just needs an idea that makes him take a closer look.

The wording of the video

  1. Slide: Integrated mediation, how everything fits together.
  2. Slide. Announcement: Integrated mediation is …
    much more than just legal mediation
    a mediation concept (based on cognitive mediation theory)
    a mediation model (the mix of methods is allowed and wanted)
    a mediation format (virtual mediation e.g. court-integrated mediation)
    a way of thinking (knowledge-based decision-making process)
    a professional association (and a community)
    an international network (with highly qualified mediators)
    Answer: The trademark for mediation, like a refrain, each page ends with a reference to the “in” logo:
    That is why integrated mediation is simply “in” or
    That is why you are “in” with integrated mediation.
  3. Slide. Question: How do the conflicting parties benefit from this?
    The heated argument turns into a constructive argument
    everything is geared towards the benefit satisfaction is the benchmark
    all aspects are taken into account the complexity is mastered
    all solutions are compared with each other across procedures
    Sustainability and feasibility for problem-free solutions
    The negotiations are characterized by equal eye level and full control
    The performance can be checked and measured
    Answer: The focus is on the benefit
  4. Slide. Question: What do the users (providers) get out of it?
    scientifically founded work (measurability and plannability of services)
    Security (quality management and benchmarks)
    Increase in performance (elaborate information management)
    universal use (as a procedure and methodologically)
    direct and indirect marketing (USP, unique selling proposition)
    more customer satisfaction (because benefit-oriented)
    Use of a registered trademark
    Answer: A valuable unique selling point
  5. Slide. Question: What does the association contribute to this?
    Research (e.g. cognitive mediation theory, container theory)
    Know how sharing (development, provision, exchange)
    Implementation (organization and politics)
    Education (press work, Wiki to Yes, publications)
    Education and training (star awards)
    Support (instructions, securing, tools, advice)
    Dissemination (advertising and marketing aid)
    Answer: Help with application and development
  6. Slide. Question: How is that possible?
    Answer: Integrated mediation with a focus on the claim: “This is how we understand each other”
    Understanding is central and is the key to everything.
    Slide: Contact page with information on where to find out more.

Association members may embed the video above on their website. This makes it easier for them to highlight the USP (the unique selling point) of mediation and, in particular, of integrated mediation.