Integrated mediation Argentina

The integrated mediation caught the eye of Alejandro Morris. He is an experienced mediator from Argentina and was interested in further training. He immediately liked the idea of ​​integrated mediation. He was impressed by the competence and the concept. So he got in touch and it became more.

Contacting was very welcome for the integrated mediation. So far we have expanded more towards the east. With the death of Chuck Rieders, we also lost our mainstay in the United States. Alejandro plans to present integrated mediation at the next mediation congress in the United States. The planning goes much further.

As usual, the first step is to convey the content and the concept of integrated mediation in such a way that our new representative can not only pass on the idea and the concept, but also integrate it into his home, Milan. A new language barrier is opening up. The association’s international language is still English. We have many members and contact countries where Russian is spoken. Now Spanish is added.

Through Alejandro we already have some first impressions of mediation in Argentina. As usual, mediation according to the Harvard concept is practiced there. The transformative mediation is placed next to it. A comprehensive concept such as that offered by integrated mediation is still unknown there.

Alejandro is now officially confirmed as a representative of integrated mediation in Argentina. Together with the support of the association we want to contribute to the image of integrated mediation in the western world. You can read what the location can do and who Alejandro is exactly on the homepage: Integrated Mediation Argentina.

Header picture by LeoEspina @ Pixabay