At last! The long-awaited wish comes true. We start the summer school program for the first time in May 2020 in Estonia (Tallin). It is a 4-day intensive training for integrated mediation for mediators.

The plan is not new

The plan came up from the insight, that the usual derivation of mediation from the Harvard concept is not only inaccurate, but also inadequate.

It is due to the history of our association, perhaps more than other associations, to deal with the question about the substantial core of mediation. The answer culminated in the so-called cognitive mediation theory. With it, mediators have a systematic and consistent concept that allows them to plan the mediation step by step very precisely and carry it out in line with benchmarks.

It’s about the core

The subject of the training is the application of cognitive mediation theory, which has become the epitome of integrated mediation.

Trainings abroad reveals the difference in the training. From there, we were also asked to offer training courses in which the concept of integrated mediation is presented in more detail.

The idea for the summer school was born in order not to teach the same things about mediation again, but only to grant access that forms the basis for the professional use of mediation.

The training offer

Therefore, the training offer is aimed at mediators (and not at laypersons). Therefore, the offer is not intended as a full training but as an extension and deepening. Therefore, it takes place on the basis of a universal, also international use in Mediation. The language will be in English.

The beginning

The summer school will be held for the first time in Estonia (Tallin). It is carried out together with a trainer from the host country and also pursues the goal of training trainers who can further develop this concept in the country.

The outlook

After the start in Tallin, there will be more summer schools. Invitations have already been submitted by the host countries. Please inform yourself about the details of the training offer in the event information.

Bild von Angelo Giordano auf Pixabay