The long-awaited wish comes true. We start the summer school program first time 2020 in Estonia. Precisely it will happen from 21st of May by 24th of May in 2020. The location will be in the old town of Tallin. Enjoy a 4-day intensive training by Arthur Trossen accompanied and organized by Arno Baltin and Meeli Laane. Enjoy becoming the best mediator ever!

The plan about the plan

The idea came up from the insight, that the usual derivation of mediation from the Harvard concept is not precisely explaining why things happen how in mediation. Due to the history of our association, we had – perhaps more than other schools – to deal with the question about the substantial core of mediation. The answer culminated in the so-called cognitive mediation theory. With it, mediators have a systematic and consistent concept that allows them to plan the mediation step by step very precisely and carry it out in line with benchmarks. That’s unique in the world. Mediation no longer is based on a gut feeling. In fact the summer school is dedicated to teaching mediation based on the cognitive mediation theory.

The training offer

The training offer is aimed at mediators (beginners or advanced mediators). The offer is not intended as a full training but as an extension and deepening. The training will be a work on cases, where functional units of mediation and the interactions between them will become visible in order to let mediation doing the work.

Participants will learn why and how mediation becomes a sure-fire success and how the mediator can feel its flow. Participants will learn the different ways and kinds of mediation and how to distinguish mediation from other procedures precisely, about scientific backgrounds, the systemic structure, the meaning of cognition, how to be and how to use the meta level, and so on. Finally they will know how it will become possible to let mediands gain insights in order to let them find best solutions. The result will be a deep understanding of mediation, the knowledge how to deal with difficulties coming up in mediation, how to steer along benchmarks and what to do, if mediation doesn’t work as it should. Though the training is about mediation in general, participants are free to ask questions about mediation in all the fields and ways possible.

The trainers

Your  main trainer will be Arthur Trossen. He is a very well experienced 3-star-mediator with an international background. He has been studying and working in many countries from USA via Europe to central Asia. He is a former judge, studied psychology and law, now working as a professional mediator mainly in family and inner firm conflicts, a supervisor, trainer and author in mediation. He is the editor oof, the biggest free accessible database about mediation (unfortunately still in German).

Arthur Trossen will be accompanied and supported by Meeli Laane and Arno Baltin. Arno Baltin is a qualified  psychologist at Tartu University. He is trainer, lecturer and mediator. He is a long lasting member of the integrated mediation association, where he since ages moderates the International conferences. Meeli Laane also is a member of integrated mediation association. She is a psychologist, lecturer and an expert dealing with grieve.

The idea behind

The summer school will be held for the first time in Estonia (Tallin). In Estonia it will be carried out together with Arno Baltin and Meeli Laane. Trainer is Arthur Trossen. In future, summer school will be held in other countries as well. Then it will be done in cooperation with other local trainers from the countries where the summer school will take place. The plan is to introduce and teach integrated mediation abroad and to help countries to get known of mediation based on the cognitive mediation theory.

The certification

Participants will receive a certification of attendance. It can be used for proving further education or to complete another mediator’s education. The workload is 32 hours of training. Together with a full scale mediators training they can become a star mediator, which is the title given by integrated mediation association.

Contact and application

Dates: 2020, 21st of May 2020 by 24th of May.
Time:  Starting at 10 am the First day and euch other day from 9 am till 6 pm.
Content: See the Curriculum
Location: Tallin (Estland), will be fixed soon.
Tuition: will be fixed soon
Contact: Arno Baltin

Bild von Angelo Giordano auf Pixabay