Tallin – Summer School 2020

The long-awaited wish comes true. We start the summer school program first time 2020 in Estonia. Precisely it will happen from 21st of May by 24th of May in 2020. The location will be in the old town of Tallin. Enjoy a 4-day intensive training by Arthur Trossen accompanied and [...]

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Mediation – way of insights

Mediation – path of knowledge The term mediation is often used synonymously with the idea of ​​a friendly out-of-court dispute settlement. Others say it’s a superfluous small talk. Experts also value mediation very differently. Some compare mediation with a compromise similar to settlements in legal negotiations. Others even think, mediation is close to the juridical [...]

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The melody of mediation

Mediation generates its own rhythms. Behind rhythms we will find a cognition flow. The cognition flow is the melody played by mediation. The mediator is the conductor of the orchestra, where parties, not the conductor, are playing the instruments. Parties have to go through melody in order to reach an amicable settlement. […]

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Training for practicioners of Justice

The Association for International Arbitration invites: EUROPEAN MEDIATION TRAINING FOR PRACTITIONERS OF JUSTICE Date: September 3-15, 2012 Venue: Brussels, Belgium Timings 9:00 to 18:30 (Lunch provided on all days) Lecturers: Mr. Eugene Becker, Mr. Johan Billiet, Mr. Phillip Howell-Richardson, Mr. Phillipe Billiet, Mr. Alessandro Bruni, Mr. Andrew Colvin, Mr. Frank Fleerackers, Dr. Paul R. Gibson, [...]

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The Scale of Feelings

Emotional scales reflect the level of feelings. They help to climb the next and better level. Feelings in that roaster are not to be evaluated in good or bad. This assessment would be highly individualized, because hate may be a useful and good feeling for the person concerned. A problem occurs where this person glues [...]

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About Confidentiality

On a workshop at the conference in Fort de France almost 20 participants discussed about confidentiality. All of them are very well experienced mediators. Most of them are judge mediators. But there have been lawyers and psychologists as well. The discussion was about child abuse coming up in a mediation. […]

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European Mediation Training

The importance of the free movement of persons and the proper functioning of the internal market, in particular concerning the availability of mediation services in cross-border disputes, was an important point on the agenda of the European Directive 2008/52/EC of 21 May 2008 on certain aspects of mediation in civil and commercial matters. Within that [...]

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