Brand instead of procedure

Brand instead of procedure By this claim, the appearance of integrated mediation could be described the best way. It at least is an approach in a world where it’s hard to exactly define what mediation is. The difficult it is already to explain mediation the more difficult it is to explain what Integrated Mediation means. Too [...]

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Mediation – way of insights

Mediation – path of knowledge The term mediation is often used synonymously with the idea of ​​a friendly out-of-court dispute settlement. Others say it’s a superfluous small talk. Experts also value mediation very differently. Some compare mediation with a compromise similar to settlements in legal negotiations. Others even think, mediation is close to the juridical [...]

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The melody of mediation

Mediation generates its own rhythms. Behind rhythms we will find a cognition flow. The cognition flow is the melody played by mediation. The mediator is the conductor of the orchestra, where parties, not the conductor, are playing the instruments. Parties have to go through melody in order to reach an amicable settlement. […]

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The code of integrated mediation

We happily concluded the new standards of mediation and integrated mediation. Unfortunately those standards are available in German only till now. We will take care to have them in English soon. For those who like to read them in German look here please:  Der IM Codex  

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Justice’s Project

Integrated Mediation in Family cases Correctly the title of the project is extendes by the region whare that project took place. It happened in the whole distroict of the higher court of appeal in Rhineland-Palatine. In that project 21 family judghes have been trained in mediation. The idea was to empower them using mediation skills [...]

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Integrated Mediation – what is it?

Indeed the term of integrated mediation is not chosen best as everybody thinks to know what it is. In fact there is a basic misunderstanding about integrated mediation everywhere. Integrated mediation is NOT a court based mediation. Integrated mediation at court is just one possibility for using it. At court there it was our root [...]

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The IM-Code

The IM-Code Mediation and integrated Mediation These standards are the basic principles that all mediators and trainers in IM adhere to.. The basis for this is the code of conduct for mediators, that the Association of Integrated Mediation took an active part in putting together, EU Directive 2008/52/EC of 21. May 2008, the DFfM Standards that [...]

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