Mediation in Europe

Overview of the Regulations on Mediation in Europe One of the results of the EuroNetMed project is the analysis of the state of legislation in the various countries of the EU. Here you will find information on the current state (May 2012) of regulations in Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Greece, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Slovenia, Spain, [...]

IM and EuroNetMed Event

There will be a briefing of the project “EUROPEAN NETWORK OF MEDIATORs FOR CROSS BORDER DISPUTE RESOLUTION” the 30th of March. This meeting will be combined with the annual meeting of integrated mediation, which will take place the 31st of March. Participation is public and free. We are happy to [...]

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Intercultural Mediation

On the occasion of the EU project EuroNetMed the topic of “intercultural mediation” is discussed very intensively and that based on the question: Does the mediator need knowledge about the cultural backgrounds of the parties? The issue is discussed thoroughly in dispute. Some say yes, he needs this knowledge. Others say, no, he does not [...]