Before entering new year, wishes are appropriate. What is the best wish for mediators? Is it smart to wish a lot of disputes? Or is it better to wish a lot of disputes for others but not the mediator? It doesn’t sound good, does it? What’s about wishing successful dispute resolutions? Is it better for [...]

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How many passes? – Train your attention!

Though we always pay attention 🙂 we oversee many things that could help solution finding. It’s not a question of intelligence. Human’s intelligence is not that big anyway. It’s a question of focussing. A video on Youtube proves the phenomenon. You are invited to test your own ability of paying attention. […]

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Intercultural Mediation

On the occasion of the EU project EuroNetMed the topic of “intercultural mediation” is discussed very intensively and that based on the question: Does the mediator need knowledge about the cultural backgrounds of the parties? The issue is discussed thoroughly in dispute. Some say yes, he needs this knowledge. Others say, no, he does not [...]