Mediator’s Profession

A mediator is a neutral person guiding parties through mediation. This is a function. What if mediator is a professional? Is he limited to the procedure? Is he allowed to conciliate as well or to arbitrate a case? This question shows, that the profession should nor be connected with the procedure. In practice at least the borders are soft and of course a mediator should offer negotiating services as well as conciliation and other ADR procedures and services.

There are some rules in some countries allowing people to call themselves mediator and to offer mediation services. Rules about a mediator’s profession are not known yet. We think, time is not ripe enough for that. We also think a professional service of mediation cannot be limited to mediation as a procedural service. A professional mediator should be educated in managing all the ADR procedures.

Professional services

Nevertheless a mediator need to show up his professional approach. He needs help in that. Help is given by Integrated Mediation. Our support is:

  1. Professional certification
    Usually mediators receive a certification concerning their education. It shows that they have passed a training. It doesn’t show that they are experienced conflict managers and mediators. Integrated Mediation therefor offers a professional certification as well.
  2. Professional support
    A mediator sometimes need inter- or supervision. Integrated Mediation offers a platform were this is provided by online services. All our experts are invited to help finding solutions and answering questions. We want that you are doing a good job.
  3. Professional security
    Mediators have obligations. If they fail they risk indemnity. Integrated Mediation built up benchmarks. They are giving orientation and help to decide whether mediation has been used correctly or not.
  4. Professional quality
    Benchmarks and standards are not just securing services. They also define the quality.
  5. Professional education
    Even if a mediator has passed an exam once, he needs continuing education. Integrated Mediation makes further education possible for everybody according to the needs.
  6. Professional discurs
    Professional mediation is practising mediation. Our concept provides steady discussion between research, practical experience, theoretical knowledge and skills in conferences and online forums.
  7. Professional insurences
    Depending on the rules of each country we provide an included indemnity insurance.

Professional proofs

Being professional and making it visible are two different pairs of shoes. To help your professional recognition, we offer a mutual agreement, where Integrated Mediation overtakes all the duties of a professional association. This concept is very much mediation like. It is completely voluntary, flexible and up to your interests and your client’s interests as well. If you like the idea, join us and become a professional in-Mediator.