Understanding is possible everywhere

Even language, culture and law barriers can be hurdled.

This at least is our credo. Cross Border Mediation is one of our issues. Thus we know what we are talking about. Mediation has been distributed over the whole world. Mediation is a very competent way of negotiation, which differs from country to country and from culture to culture. Though our roots have been in Germany, we also are distributed in many countries.

Locations of in 190 weiss klein Mediation

Integrated Mediation became a movement, which has been arrived already in some countries. There we have locations or even associations could be established. All of them are part of our network.

International Coordinator

The authority to let them going together is our international coordinator. He will report the board of all the queries coming up abroad. He is contact person for all who like to get in contact with our members abroad also. Actually, the International Coodinator at Integrated Mediation is:

Telefonnummer : +49 151 589 65402

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Telefonnummer : +49 173 6806658


Locations and contact points