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Our concern is mediation. We’ld like to make it available in its substantial understanding in order to increase availability and usability for people when – and wherever they need it.

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Understanding Integrated Mediation

Integrated Mediation, not just Mediation

For us mediation primarily is a philosophy, a way of thinking and dealing with mediation expressed by it's competence helping to improve understanding each other in a better way.
Understanding Integrated Mediation

Branded know how by Integrated Mediation

The idea of Integrated Mediation is based on cognition theory. For that our interest is concerned to all the varieties of mediation and all the ways mediation can become alive. We are interested to learn and describe how mediation fits into the landscape of conflict resolution and how it has to be distinguished from other procedures. Integrated mediation is not just an idea of mediation. It also became an association with the task to make integrated mediation better understandable. We want to make mediation available and to establish it beyond the procedure like a kind of philosophy. We do have a holistic approach in that. The main task of our association is to further develop and distribute the competence behind. Our organisation therefore cares for:


The scientific approach


Understand the functionality behind.


Theory and practice

Knowledge and skills

We want to know what we are teaching


Professional support

Making mediation a profession

Helping doing a good job


Madiation taking off

Strengthening Mediation

How to deeper understand mediation


The holistic view

Integrated Mediation

What we need for implementation


Material and support


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The place to be at Integrated Mediation

We provide different Entities to organise our tasks. Our organisational structure is:

Associations and contact points




Regional groups


Board and chairs

Star Mediators

Education Institutes






Editorial board

The first association was founded in Germany. Later there have been founded associations in Austria, in Latvia and in Switzerland. We then have locations spread over Europe. From a legal point of you and at the moment the associations abroad are independent from Integrierte Mediation e.V. We are on the way to built a cover organization on top where all the associations will have a seat. Till there we have cooperation contracts helping us to share the knowledge and to assure that the brand is used unique. The sum of different locations and association broad allows us to present us like an international network.

Locations Integrated Mediation

Everywhere you like

Integrated Mediation is situated in several countries and regional groups in countries.
Locations Integrated Mediation

On the way with integrated Mediation

Stärkung der Mediation heisst für uns dazu beizutragen, dass die Mediation besser bekannt wird und vor allem als das begriffen wird was sie ist. Integrierte Mediation hat die Standards der Verbände erweitert und stellt eigene Konzepte zur Verfügung, die wir als ein besonderes Qualitätsmerkmal begreifen. Um diesen Anspruch zu unterstreichen, werden unsere Mediatoren als Sterne-Mediatoren zertifiziert. Die von der integrierten Mediation durchgeführten Projekte unterstreichen unsere Arbeit. Die bedeutendsten Projekte waren und sind: “Integrierte Mediation an den Familiengerichten im Bezirk des OLG Koblenz”, “EuroNetMed” und “Wikipediation”.

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