More than just an association  

in-Mediation, this abbreviation is quite meaningful. It grew out of our international approach, when looking for a common term of “integrierte Mediation”. In English it is “integrated mediation”. In Latvian it for example is integrētā mediācija. On the first glance it looks like the letters ‘in’ are what all the languages have in common. You find it in “in-tegrētā mediācija”, in “in-tegrated mediation” and in “integrierte Mediation”. Unfortunately in French and Estonian we have to use other terms as the grammar is different. However “in” has been grown up with us and it became our brand. Thus we are talking about in-Mediation when we talk about integrated mediation.

Come together

To provide an overview at first let’s add the elements of Integrated Mediation like pieces of a puzzle drawing the complete picture in order to understanding what makes in-mediation to what it is. The formula gathering all the elements makes us an active mediation centre, where everything concerning mediation is coming together.

Logo in-Mediation

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Everything started with an experience about the practical use of mediation. We found out that mediation pretty well works also if the third person is decision maker and though parties are confronting. This is more than 20 years ago now. The reaction of mediator’s has been: “This cannot work. At least this is not mediation”. We tried to understand why it worked though and what makes a mediation to be a mediation. We learned to look deeper and to see the functionality behind mediation. The crucial insight was: mediation primarily is an informal processing reasoned on psychological terms mainly. We started to research about and to fix our knowledge which we called integrated mediation now in order to distinguish.

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The next logical step was to incorporate the idea by founding an association. The first association about integrated mediation had been founded in Germany in 2001. Here we are a welfare association. Later other association have been founded in Austria, in Latvia and in Switzerland. The associations task is to develop the idea behind integrated mediation, to foster competences in mediation, to distribute mediation as such and to support mediators as well as customers.

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What just looks like an issue is a huge approach. The more if you understand the variety in which mediation is offered. Latest because of an EU-project, which has been called EuroNetMed, our association officially became part of an international Mediation CentreEuroNetMed was dedicated to be a network for mediators acting on international and intercultural fields. Nevertheless our association ‘Integrated Mediation’ also is dealing with other international networks like AIA. We for example are member of EMNI. Our main approach of course is connecting our own network primarily. You will find us in countries like following:

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The magic word how to put everything together is integration. Integration means “the whole”. What we have to do therefore is fitting everything together that it might become a complete and valid entire.

Being together

The first and biggest association of Integrated Mediation has been founded 2001 in Germany. Then associations in Austria, Latvia and Switzerland have been founded. These all are legal entities. Beyond that we have different locations abroad on the way to become an own association. Find the countries of Integrated Mediation in that carousel Bellow please. More about our association and organizational structures you will find under the menu item association.

Going together

It’s a long way still to go until mediation is understood correctly and established in dignity. There are many networks. International ones also (find the list at “internationale Organisationen“). Integrated Mediation is an established one with a huge potential and great ideas.

We all are