Nice to meet you 

My name is Arthur Trossen. Happy to meet you too!

I am one of the founders of integrated mediation. Eberhard Kempf (Psychotherapist), Ralf Käppele (Lawyer) and me as a judge once have been looking for ways how to deal with conflicts in a better way. This is around 20 years ago.

Integrated mediation became the answer.

There is a growing community of people who understand and like the idea. They use it to improve not only mediation survices but also their professional and private life. The deeper we stepped into that issue the more we became specialists in regard of any question concerning mediation mainly in regard of interfaces to and use in other procedures. The result of practice and researches is a more specified knowledge that makes mediation more effective and allows a broader use of it. We learned to understand the cognition process running behind and through the mediation. You too? Great let’s have a look on it.

Feel free to take a look in everything and contact us if there are questions coming up. You are always welcome. Enjoy

cincerely yours
Arthur Trossen

Arthur Trossen
Arthur Trossen