The Professional Association of the Mediators in Bulgaria (PAMB), the European Association of Judges for Mediation (GEMME) and Integrierte Mediation e. V. – Germany kindly invite you to the International Conference “European Network for Mediation – Cooperation, Standards, Technologies”. The event is organized within the project “European Network of Mediators for Cross Border Dispute Resolution”, awarded under the European Commission Civil Justice Programme.

The conference aims at establishing network of mediators and mediation organizations for cooperation in international civil proceedings thus improving the access to alternative justice. We intend to foster partnership in cross border dispute resolution specifically targeting the areas of:

  • “New Approaches to Conflict Resolution” and “Mediation in Europe”;
  • “On-line Mediation” and “E-mediation”;
  • “Commercial Mediation” and “Insolvency/Debt Recovery Mediation”;
  • “Intellectual Property Mediation”;
  • “Mediation in Energy Sector”;
  • “Family Mediation” and “Transformative Mediation”;
  • “Intercultural Mediation” and “Immigration and Community mediation”;
  • “Mediation and Restorative Justice”;
  • “Court and Mediation”, “Compulsory or Voluntary Mediation”, “Administrative Mediation”.

Our speakers:

Lazar Gruev, President, Supreme Court of Cassation, Bulgaria, Diana Wallis, Former Vice-president of the European Parliament, Fernando Paulino Perreira, Unit Head, Responsible for Judicial cooperation in civil and commercial matters, General Secretariat of the Council of the European Union, Ales Zalar, former Minister of Justice, Slovenia, prof. Dobrinka Chankova, Bulgaria, Graham Ross, VP Europe, MODRIA, UK, Roberta Regazzoni, Camera Di Commercio Milano, Italy, Francis Casorla, France, prof. Giuseppe De Palo, Italy, Beatrice Brenneur, France, Marchelo Marinari, Italy, Iris Berger, Germany‘, Ktarzyna Schubert-Panecka, Poland, Martin Gramatikov, Tilburg University, Els Prins, Managing Director, Centre International Child Abduction, Netherlands, William Marsh, UK, Michael Fysh, UK, Marie Francoise Le Tallec, France, Arthur Trossen, Germany