Certification: Star

Mediator and mediator is not the same. There are different levels of qualification. Mostly levels are not shown in certifications. Integrated Mediation shows them. We respect that not everybody, who is interested in learning mediation, wants to become a mediator. We also respect that others do not need a full scale training in order to deal with mediation in business.

Star mediators

We do respect the different needs by three different levels of qualification. The degrees are marked with stars:

  1. Star Mediator:
    Full and deep understanding of mediation. Trainings are minimum 90 hours.
  2. Star Mediator:
    This is a professional Mediator. Trainings are more than 200 hours.
  3. Star Mediator:
    This is the high end full scale mediator. Trainings are depending on a learning diary and individual needs.

Educational institutions

Since Integrated Mediation is a welfare association, business is left to institutions.