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We always take care to have a mutual benefit. Your benefit should be the benefit of our association. We are lucky if we gain YOU becoming a new member of our association. The bigger we are, the more power we have. More we would like your engagement as an active member. Together we are a huge community with highly qualified experts in every field of science, services and practice. There are many opportunities what you can do in our association.

Your benefit will be, to be exposed as a mediator or as an expert, to get in contact with colleagues and clients, to use our web-services, to publish articles and contributions, to keep on learning mediation, to stay in practice, to receive professional support, to use a valid brand, to have a legal frame for business, to have a door opener for projects, and so on. Make our knowledge to the yours!


As sonn as you are convinced, please download and fill the form on the right hand in order to become a legal member of Integrierte Mediation e.V. Germany.

Sign the form please. Then scan it and send it as PDF to or fax to +49 2681 986275. You also can send it via snail mail in a letter-envelope to

Integrierte Mediation e.V.
Im Mühlberg 39
D-57610 Altenkirchen

You are welcome!